Case Study: Community Property Management

Property Management SEO Testimonial Bob Klages Community Property ManagementCOMPANY BACKGROUND

Community Property Management (CPM) operates three locations: St. Louis, Missouri; Metro East, Illinois; and Columbia, Missouri. Founded in 1985, CPM is dedicated to providing accessible, transparent, ethical, and proactive community management services.


CPM aimed to enhance their online visibility, drive more traffic to their website, and increase the number of proposal requests from communities in need of their management expertise.

Initially, CPM’s website struggled with low search engine rankings, overshadowed by a local competitor who dominated the SEO landscape with better visibility and a broader keyword footprint.


Before starting the Innovia Accelerator SEO program, they had limited visibility in their area and a national competitor was outranking them for most keywords.


Visibility grew by 164% and they quickly overtook the national competitor.

Their keywords in the top 3 positions on Google grew from 16-49, a growth of over 200%.


The Innovia Accelerator SEO Program

  • Annual in-depth SEO audits & strategy recommendations.
  • Online profile management.
  • Site-wide technical SEO optimizations.
  • Google Business Profile management.
  • Ongoing link-building efforts.
  • Two pieces of new/enhanced content each month.
  • Monthly progress monitoring.


  • CPM’s visibility soared by 164%, marking a significant leap
  • in their online presence and search engine rankings.
  • The primary competitor experienced a 16% decline in the
  • same period.
  • Keyword rankings on Google improved: from 16 to 49
  • keywords in the top 3, from 35 to 55 in the top 10, and from
  • 46 to 56 in the top 20.

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