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Septic Companies need digital marketing 

Your septic company needs to consider using digital marketing to expand your business. In today’s world, consumers expect that a business will have an online presence. However, to succeed, you need more than a basic website. You need to employ a whole set of skills to get the most out of the internet. 

Now, we know what you are thinking. You own a septic company. You are not a digital marketing expert. Thankfully, you do not have to have any experience in digital marketing to survive and thrive online. The professionals at Big Rock Marketing are here to help you. 

At Big Rock Marketing, we specialize in all aspects of digital marketing. That means we provide several services aimed to grow your online presence and increase traffic to your website. We will work with you to determine the marketing strategy that will best reach your target audience. 

Our experts work with companies from many different industries, including the septic industry. We understand that each company is different, and thus requires a unique combination of digital marketing techniques. We will never force a cookie-cutter plan on your business. 

The best way to determine if the services of Big Rock Marketing are right for you is to try us for free. We provide a free digital strategy consultation. Simply fill out our online form. We will then check your 

  • Mobile experience
  • Existing content
  • Title tags
  • Meta description
  • Page and domain authorities

Once these checks are complete, we will reconvene with you on a thirty-minute call. During this call, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your current digital presence. We will then provide our recommended digital marketing strategy. All of this is free to you with no strings attached. Once you have tried our free digital strategy consultation, we are certain you will want to continue using our services. 

Why try us? 

Digital marketing is different than traditional forms of marketing. It is no longer as simple as creating a television commercial or putting a print ad in the newspaper. You need to play the online game. And that means you need strategies that will get your septic company’s name to potential customers. 

We can help increase your visibility. The following services are provided by Big Rock Marketing. They are specifically designed to help your company grow its business online. 

Website Design

Great digital marketing starts with website design. Without a website, you do not have an online presence. Yet it is not enough to have a page with your name and contact information. Users expect more than that. 

At Big Rock Marketing, we will design a professional website. We use WordPress for our website design, which is easy to use and simple to maintain, even for the non-expert. Because we create WordPress websites, we give you the tools you need to keep your website up and running. You will not have to rely on Big Rock Marketing indefinitely. 


A big part of website design involves incorporating SEO concepts. SEO is also called “search engine optimization.” These are a set of techniques, or rules, by which you can increase your standing in search results. All search engines have SEO requirements. However, most people follow Google’s guidelines, as Google is the king of search engines. 

You want to rank highly in search results because those are the entries that people click on. Most users will not search through multiple pages to find a septic company. They will click on the top one through five results. You need to appear in those results, and SEO is how you do that. 

Even SEO basics can be overwhelming to the novice. That is why the experts at Big Rock Marketing are happy to handle your SEO needs for you. We will explain the basics in a language you can understand. And then we will incorporate all the SEO principles needed to get your business to the top of search results. 

Content Marketing

A great way to set your website apart from the competition is to use content marketing. This is the creation of unique content that you put on your website. It does not include normal pages like “about us” or “services.” Instead, the content usually takes the form of blog or vlog posts. 

For owners of septic companies, both blogs and vlogs will work. You may want to use a combination of the two. Vlogs can show a day in the life of a septic worker. This provides a great way for you to illustrate the quality of work your company does. 

Blogs are typically used to answer a question that your target audience might have about septic. Ideas for blog posts could be, “when should you have your septic looked at?” and “how large a septic system do you need?” As you can see, this content is more general. It is meant to bring people to your website. 

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a type of advertising campaign. In it, you purchase certain words or phrases. When these words and phrases are typed into Google, a small ad for your company appears. This type of advertising allows you to target potential customers already interested in your industry. 

While the concept is simple, a successful Google AdWords campaign can be hard to pull off without experts at the helm. At Big Rock Marketing, we will do the heavy lifting to ensure your Google AdWords campaign is worth the money. 

Digital Display Advertising

Another type of advertising campaign is digital display advertising. These ads are larger and usually graphic. They appear on web pages or social media. You pay for your ads to appear when certain parameters are met. These ads are not driven by search results or keywords. Therefore, you can reach an audience that was not already looking for your company or industry. 

Digital display advertising is a great way to grow your business. However, like Google AdWords, it takes a lot of research and development to get right.Let the professionals at Big Rock Marketing work on all your digital marketing needs. You will be amazed at how our work positively affects your bottom line. Contact us today!

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