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You Need Digital Marketing

You are a medical professional because you want to help people. It doesn’t matter what type of medicine you practice, helping people is likely a big reason you got into the industry. Don’t let the changing medical professional marketing landscape keep you from reaching people that need your help. 

In the past medical professional marketing focused on print materials and advertisements. Billboards, newspapers, commercials, and more were all ways to get your practice’s message to the people. Now, marketing is focusing more and more online. A recent study found that 77 percent of people do online research before making an appointment. Another study found that 80 percent of internet users do their medical research online. These are huge numbers that point to a broad change in the healthcare industry. 

In addition to the evidence pointing to patients researching medical professionals online before making an appointment, there is the overall competition in the industry. There are approximately 231,000 physician practices in the United States. This is just the group medical practice. If you count medical professionals in practice by themselves, the number would be much higher. To ensure that your medical practice rises above the competition, you need a great digital marketing campaign. 

What does digital marketing look like for a medical professional? Not that much different than it does for other professions. Obviously, the content will be directed toward medical topics. But, otherwise many of the tenants of a good digital marketing strategy will remain the same. 

If you want to ensure that your practice gets the attention it deserves, you need to hire Big Rock Marketing. We are familiar with all aspects of digital marketing and the medical industry. We also offer a free digital strategy consultation as a first step. This allows you to give a chance before committing to an entire digital marketing campaign. 

After you receive your free digital strategy consultation, we guarantee that you will want to make use of the other digital marketing services we offer. For the medical professional, they are invaluable. You can find the following services from Big Rock Marketing. 

  • SEO: Search engine optimization is essential for getting your website to the top of the search results page. There are a lot of rules and criteria for SEO that hits the mark, so you need a professional marketing firm that knows exactly what to do to get you to the top of those results. 
  • Web Design: Websites are made or break in the medical professional industry. You need a great website to bring traffic to your business. The best way to attract people to your website is to have a professional, modern, and easy to use design. At Big Rock Marketing, we are experienced in website development and know-how to deliver an amazing WordPress website. 
  • Content Marketing: Content marking is exactly as it sounds. It is marketing that uses the development and publication of content, often in the form of blogs. 
  • Google AdWords: At Big Rock Marketing, we can help you purchase and run any number of Google AdWords campaigns. Google AdWords can be intimidating to begin with, which is why you need the professionals at Big Rock Marketing to walk you through the process. 
  • Digital Display Advertising: Direct Display Advertising are campaigns where your businesses name and ad appear on websites, social media sites, and more. We can help you run these campaigns to your target audience.

Why Choose Big Rock Marketing?

There is a lot of potential in digital marketing for medical professionals. As more people search for their doctors online, the great opportunities there are for you to make a difference. You just need the right company to help you reach your goals. 

That is where Big Rock Marketing comes in. Our team is experienced in the world of digital marketing. Yet, we are not stuck in our ways. Digital marketing changes nearly constantly as the online world grows and changes. You need a company to help you navigate this ever-shifting world. And, Big Rock Marketing is that company. We keep up with all major (and minor) changes in the world of digital marketing so that you don’t have to. 

We covered all of the services offered by the specialists at Big Rock Marketing above. But, let’s look at a couple in a little more detail. Both SEO and Content Marketing are a crucial part of any digital marketing plan for medical professionals. 


As explained above, SEO is the name of the strategy that allows you to rank higher in search results, and thus find more patients. SEO can be a hard process to master. The criteria with which search engines rank their results change often. There are also a lot of these criteria. 

Mastering, or at least understanding, SEO is not out of the questions, though. At Big Rock Marketing, we let you be as involved in the SEO process as you want. We will always tell you the strategies we are using and can even teach your employees to handle the day-to-day monitoring of SEO. It just depends on how involved you would like to be. 

Content Marketing

With content marketing, you develop content for your website and practice. But that is not all that content marketing is. Well-crafted and researched blog posts and other content that incorporates SEO strategies are essential for a good website. The content has to be written well and fill a need or gap in knowledge. 

Not all content should be an advertisement. Sometimes the best content is just a quick post that explains a concept. This type of content defines your brand as helpful and a go-to for knowledge, which will bring repeat traffic to your website and more patients to your medical practice. 

No matter what type of digital marketing you are looking for, Big Rock Marketing can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your small medical practice.

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