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Do you research your law firm on the internet? Do you enjoy spending time online after work? Have you researched a company online before hiring them? What about your day-to-day life, is there a lot of internet time for any reason? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are just like most of the rest of America. 

Lawyers are not the only ones who spend time online. Most of America does online research before they commit to a new company, law firms included. In order to bring in as many clients as possible, you need to look your best online. To do that you need Big Rock Marketing.

We are the best in the business at bringing clients to law firms and other small and medium-sized businesses. You can look at the industries we serve in the menu bar at the top of the page. You need Big Rock Marketing because you will not find a more honest or transparent digital marketing company anywhere. We know that digital marketing can be a confusing and intimidating top. That is why we are here to help you through the process every step of the way. 

The best way to start your digital marketing journey is to try out a free digital strategy consultation. We assume that you already have a website. But, it may not be performing as well as it could. Don’t just let your current website lie stagnant. Let the professionals at Big Rock Marketing provide well-crafted content, SEO, and mobile compatibility to your website. We can tell you exactly what is lacking in your current set up and how to fix the problem. 

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We offer a lot of different digital marketing services for lawyers. You should pay attention to three in particular. Websites, SEO, and digital advertising are all essential for successful marketing your law firm online. Let’s look at each of these one at a time. 


Websites are the hinge that keeps everything together. In today’s online world, you have to have a good website. There are 209.6 million online shoppers in the United States. This includes those that shop for new services like law help. It is likely that you are one of these 209.6 million. Think about what you want when you research a company online. It is likely that the following features stand out:

  • A modern design. No one wants to try and navigate a website that looks like it was designed in 1998. Those flash animations just might be too much, and the loading times are likely awful. Instead, you want a website that is streamlined, to the purpose, and easy to navigate. Your potential clients want those features as well. 
  • Good functionality. You don’t want a cluttered or outdated website, but you also likely want one that works. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a link that doesn’t work or going to a page that has no content. With Big Rock Marketing, you will never have to deal with that lack of functionality. 
  • Mobile optimization. The world of online shopping is moving to mobile devices. You have to keep up, or your law firm will be left behind. You want to make sure that your website works well and looks good on a mobile device. That not only helps the website itself, but it can even help it rank higher in searches. 


That brings us to the second digital marketing strategy lawyers need to employ in their websites: SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The big thing to take away from SEO is that it helps you rank higher in certain searches. It does this through the use of keywords and phrases. 

There are a lot of rules and criteria for SEO. We are happy to walk you through what you need to know to keep your own SEO going. You can also choose to allow Big Rock Marketing to handle your SEO needs indefinitely. No matter what you choose, we are here to answer any questions or concerns about your search result rankings. 

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising encompasses a lot of different marketing strategies. At Big Rock Marketing, we can employ one or all of these strategies in your digital marketing plan. 

Digital advertising can include Google AdWords, Digital Display Advertising, or other pay-per-click ads. Google AdWords is the most popular pay-per-click ads in the world. They are great because you don’t have to pay for the ads until someone clicks on them. This saves you money upfront, which is ideal for new businesses. There are also other pay-per-click models, but, likely, we will just work with you on Google AdWords campaigns. 

Direct display advertising brings a more general advertisement for your law firm to the public. These target websites and social media apps. We can help you narrow your target market, and just direct the ads to those people. Google, Facebook, and twitter are all major players in the direct display advertising game. We will want to focus our ads in those locations, and then, of course, branching out into other more industry-specific sites. 

Digital marketing is an ideal strategy for lawyers. It brings your brand to the largest number of people in your location. By employing SEO, local SEO (which targets users in your specific location), digital advertising, and having a good website you will stand above the pack. 

As a lawyer, you want to help as many people as possible with their problems. Big Rock Marketing can help you reach your goals. Is your brand associated with a specific type of law? Do you have qualifications that set you apart? Are you looking to work with specific groups of people? Big Rock Marketing can help cement your brand, find the clients, and grow your business. Contact us today to learn more.

The world of marketing has gotten more complicated with the rise of the internet. There is no way to be successful in the garage door industry without harnessing the power of this tool. Because you and everyone else know the importance of the internet, it can be hard to get the exposure you deserve. That is why you need the services of Big Rock Marketing. We are here to help your small garage door company gain more customers, increase your brand awareness, and grow into an industry powerhouse. 

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