Google Adwords (PPC)

Get In-front Of Your Prospects At The Right Time

A Google Adwords campaign is a great way to connect potential customers to your business.

Google Adwords is about more than just knowing the right keywords. It requires time, research, and expertise. That’s what we do best. Our Big Rock Marketing team takes the guesswork out of Google Adwords and expertly researches, sets up, and manages all of your Google Adwords campaigns so you can focus on what’s most important — running your business.

Why Adwords?

The heart of a successful Google Adwords campaign is research. Our team begins by researching your business — and your biggest competitors — to find out what’s working and what needs to be improved.

You probably have some idea what your customers are searching for. But just knowing a few good keywords and search terms is no guarantee that potential customers will find you easily. Why? Because your competition is probably using many of the same keywords! Our team knows how to set up, optimize, manage and leverage Google Adwords so you get the online conversions you need to edge out the competition and grow your business.

Our goal is to reach potential customers and connect them to your website efficiently. We do that by reverse-engineering the search process — we figure out the most relevant keywords and search terms customers are using to search for your business and then we use that information to create a Google Adwords campaign specifically designed to meet your potential customers where they are.

Why Choose Big Rock Marketing For Your Google Adwords Campaigns?

  • SAVE TIME: let us do the research and planning to create a strategic Google Adwords campaign that works for your business.
  • ATTRACT CUSTOMERS: We are laser-focused on connecting customers to you. That’s our number one priority, always.
  • SAVE MONEY: A Google AdWords campaign is an investment in your business. We take that very seriously. Which is why every campaign is highly targeted and strategically designed to deliver the highest return on your dollars.
  • PEACE OF MIND: With Big Rock Marketing, you’ll have a dedicated partner committed to helping your business thrive. We are laser-focused on connecting customers to you.

How We Help…


Google Adwords is a key part of any marketing platform. But it’s more than just identifying the hot-button keywords. It requires dedicated research to really understand what customers are searching for.

Our goal is to get your Google Ads as relevant and as close to what your customers are searching for as possible. And we do that by researching and creating interest-generating keywords that really pack a punch.

Big Rock Marketing has the proven expertise you need. We work with your budget and your goals to create the online lead generation through targeted Google Adwords you need to grow your business.


Optimizing Google Adwords is just a fancy way of saying we make it easy for customers to find you. We sculpt your message as succinctly as possible using the best and most targeted keywords for maximum reach. We aim to get inside your customer’s head and figure out what they’re looking for and most importantly, which keywords and search terms they use to find your business. This is all part of the optimization efforts. You can trust our team to create campaigns that give you maximum exposure, greater web presence, and the online lead generation you need to grow your business.


A Google Adwords campaigns isn’t a one-time buy and then forget it. It requires constant monitoring and adjusting as needed so your campaign is as responsive as possible to your potential customer’s search needs. There is an art and science to identifying and implementing the right words for your business and your industry. You can trust our team to expertly manage your Google Adwords campaigns so you can focus on what matters most to you: running your business.

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