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Do garage floor experts need digital marketing?

It doesn’t matter what type of garage floors your business specializes in; you could use digital marketing. From epoxy pouring to repair work, garage floor specialists are needed. Most people do not work on their own garage floor. But you need your customers to be able to find you. And in our online world, they will most often look for garage floor specialists on the web. 

Digital marketing has some similar techniques to traditional marketing, but there are differences as well. You can no longer rely on print or television ads to reach your target audience. Instead, you need a robust online presence. 

You may not have a digital marketing expert on staff. That is alright. At Big Rock Marketing, we can fill in all your digital marketing and SEO holes. In fact, we provide the expertise in these areas that your business needs to thrive. We use our knowledge of traditional marketing techniques and digital marketing to get your business in front of the largest possible audience. 

We offer a variety of services to improve your digital marketing plan. These services include the following. 

  • SEO
  • Website Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Digital Display Advertising 

You do not need to use all of these services to increase your online presence. We will work with you to determine the digital marketing techniques best suited to your business and goals. With a reputation for honesty, you can trust our assessment of your business’s needs. 

If you are considering trying Big Rock Marketing, why not sign up for our free digital strategy consultation first? During this consultation, we will 

  • Review your mobile experience. 
  • Grade your existing content.
  • Review your title tags and meta description. 
  • Check your page and domain authority. 

At the end of our initial assessment, we also provide a free thirty-minute call. During this call, we will discuss an ideal digital marketing strategy with you. There is no risk to you, only a reward. Get started with Big Rock Marketing today!

Why use Big Rock Marketing?

Your garage floor business needs the experts at Big Rock Marketing. We have the experience needed to take your company to the top. We describe our digital marketing services below.  


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the set of techniques that can help your website appear at the top of search engine results. While most people think of Google when they hear search engines. SEO techniques work for all search engines. 

It is important to appear near the top of search engine results because most people only click on pages in the top five spots. You need to be in those top five to be seen by most people. A focus on SEO can help you get to those spots. 

Optimizing your SEO can be complicated and time-consuming. To get the most out of SEO work, you need the experts. At Big Rock Marketing, we are the experts you need. Let us do the little things that make a huge difference to your position in search engine results.  

Website Design

A crucial part of digital marketing and SEO is website design. It is not enough to have a website. That website needs to have certain features to compete with your competition. Users want a website that is

  • Modern
  • Professional
  • Eye-catching
  • Easy to understand
  • Compatible with mobile devices

The experts at Big Rock Marketing can help you meet these expectations and more. Let us work with you to design a website tailored to your audience. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another important part of a good SEO strategy. This is the creation of content specifically for your website. Often this content takes the form of vlogs or blogs. Both could be useful for garage floor experts. Vlogs that show your work on specific types of garage floor projects are a great way to show your work to potential customers. 

Blogs, on the other hand, are not just ads for your company. They should be designed to answer common questions people ask about garage flooring. Unique, professional content is a great way to drive traffic to your site and increase your SEO rating. 

Google Ads

Because Google is the king of search engines, it makes sense that you may want to focus your digital advertising there. This is why you may want to consider a Google AdWords campaign. 

With Google AdWords, you purchase certain keywords and phrases. When a user types these keywords and phrases into Google, a small ad for your business appears in the search results. Strategically bought Google AdWords can drastically increase the visibility of your business. However, more goes into picking these keywords and phrases than guesswork. At Big Rock Marketing, we are experts in running Google AdWords campaigns. We will research to ensure you will receive a great return on investment.  

Digital Display Advertising

There is another type of digital ad that you may want to consider: digital display advertising. These are longer-form and typically graphic ads that appear on websites or social media pages. Like Google AdWords, digital display advertising campaigns cost money and require a lot of research to be done right. But, when they are successful, they can be a huge boon to your business. 

We can help you determine the best design and placement of your digital display ads. This type of advertising is a good idea if your business needs an influx of customers, or you need to get certain information out to the public. For example, if you are moving locations or rebranding, a digital display advertising campaign may be right for you. 

You don’t need to be a digital marketing or SEO expert. You just need to be able to find the best company to do your digital marketing for you. Big Rock Marketing is that company. Contact Big Rock Marketing today and experience the way that our expertise in digital marketing can improve your garage floor business. 

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