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Managing your online presence is a big task. Customers need to be able to find you quickly and they need to know how you can help them within the first few seconds of landing on your website. Is your digital footprint strong enough to attract and keep customers? If not, you need a digital marketing services expert to enhance your online presence.

As a contractor, your job is to serve your customers — not sit at your computer trying to figure out digital marketing. At Big Rock Marketing, we have the expertise and proven results to get your business in front of buyers and improve the responsiveness and performance of your digital footprint so your website will start working for you.

Our comprehensive digital marketing services include:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization means enhancing your website so it is ideally positioned to be “found” when customers do a search for the services you offer. You can have the flashiest website out there but it’s not worth a dime if prospective customers can’t find you!

This is what our team does best. We are SEO experts and we know how to “optimize” your website using strategic keywords on page titles, descriptions, images, content blocks and more to boost your online presence and get your contracting business seen by more prospective buyers.

Google determines whether business pages are “relevant” and then ranks them accordingly. Our team does the research to identify the most used keywords and phrases buyers are using when searching for the contractor services you provide. We take this information and then use those keywords across your digital presence to establish relevance and credibility with Google.

Web Design

Good web design has three components: it’s visually appealing, tight and compelling content, and easy navigation. Visitors to your site want to see a design that is interesting, but not so flashy that it’s distracting. A sharp website is key. Visitors also want to be able to read about the services you provide without having to comb through a mini-novel, so you want to be sure your content is clear and dynamic. Finally, visitors need to be able to navigate your site quickly and effortlessly to learn about what’s in it for them (i.e. the products and services you offer, pricing, how to contact you, etc.). Mobile responsiveness is key — the majority of your customers are visiting you from a mobile phone. If your web design isn’t “optimized for mobile” then your site will look funky on mobile devices. Which means visitors will click away and go to your competitor instead.

That’s where our team comes in. We’ve done web design for clients across a variety of industries.

We’ve worked with contractors like you who want to showcase their work and their services to existing clients while building their client base and attracting new customers.

Content Marketing

One of the best ways to showcase your Contractor Services is to provide targeted content marketing using the same keywords and terms your buyers are using in their online searches.

Big Rock Marketing can produce quality content marketing pieces for your website, including blog posts, which are keyword-rich and add value and relevance to your website.

For example, if your business is landscape contractor, some of your top keywords or phrases may be “landscape services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” Or, “lawn mowing company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” Our team would then craft content using this exact wording and phrasing in content blocks on your site or in targeted, informational blog posts. *Note: our team does not engage in what is known as “keyword stuffing” – which oversaturates the page and can look spammy. Not only does it look unnatural and unprofessional, but it can also be a flag for Google to lower the ranking of the website.

Digital Advertising

Even if your site has been optimized and is performing well organically (i.e. without any paid advertising) in search, people are still more likely to click on the first item on the top of the search results page. And that is usually an ad.

In fact, if you open a browser on your phone or laptop and do a quick search on Google, the first listings you’ll likely see are ads.

Ads are a great way to get your Contractor Services business in front of a target audience.

Our team can help with Google Ads, pay-per-click ads, and location marketing strategies to reach customers who live in your specific service area. And, we’ll enhance your Google My Business profile and Google Maps so your business services gets maximum visibility.

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