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While many industries have been struggling, one that has not is the flooring industry. Experts predict that the flooring industry will expand to $250.8 billion by 2024. This is a growth in overall revenue of 4.6% from 2019. This means a couple of things. One, there will be a business out there for you for a long time, as long as you can attract it to your company. Two, the growth in the market will likely bring about more flooring companies, thus increasing competition. 

If you live and work in a populated area, the competition is likely to be intense. That is why digital marketing is so important. Digital marketing is a specific type of marketing. It is done exclusively on the internet. Therefore, digital marketing is one of the newest forms of marketing. Yet, you should not discount it because it has only been around for thirty years. It is estimated that 2.14 billion people globally used the internet to purchase goods and services. That is a huge number of potential customers. 

In order to compete in a changing, and increasingly digital, market, you need a team that helps you develop a great digital marketing strategy. That team can be found at Big Rock Marketing. We are experts in both digital marketing and the flooring industry. We have helped lots of small and medium-sized businesses grow online and are ready and waiting to do the same for your flooring company. 

The team at Big Rock Marketing knows marketing. We are SEO and digital advertising specialists. We have access to 95% of online ad space as well. So, we can get your ads in the right location and to your target audience. Our experience has not made us complacent, however. We pride ourselves on our abilities to change with the times and incorporate any new rules and criteria. With Big Rock Marketing you get a company that will get your measurable results guaranteed. 

What Makes a Great Digital Marketing Strategy?

Obviously, it is important to have a good digital marketing strategy. But, what does that mean for the flooring industry? How do you tell if a digital marketing strategy is a good one? 

The answer to the second question is that you need a comprehensive plan. All aspects of your flooring business and the industry should be considered. Your target audience, goals, and message also need to be fleshed out. These things ensure that the right people are on the receiving end of your digital marketing campaigns.

You may find that you need some of our services more than others. The digital marketing services most important for flooring companies are as follows.

Website Design

This is a big consideration for everyone. In today’s world, you have to have a good website to compete. A great website will include the following features. 

Professional design. You don’t want your flooring company’s website to look like a child or teenager designed it. You are a professional company, and your website should reflect that. Professionally-designed websites will be streamlined, not cluttered, and have a purpose- and message-focused content. 

  • Unique. Customers do not want to see the same template for every website. That is why we use WordPress for all of our website designs. WordPress helps us make your website completely unique and easy to manage. 
  • Easy to use. You want your website to be easy for us to manage, but it should also be easy for your customers to use. An internal search bar is always helpful. A good navigation bar is essential. No matter what, make sure your links and tabs work correctly. 

If you still have questions about website design or whether your website is working for you, contact Big Rock Marketing. We even offer a free digital strategy consultation for your convenience.


A big part of website design and all digital marketing is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO can be complicated, but it is not impossible to learn. We can help your team learn a few principles that will keep your website ranked high in search results. If you prefer, the professional at Big Rock Marketing can also handle all your SEO for the time being as well. 

The part of SEO that most people know is keywords, but it is more than that. Good SEO means that you are providing: 

  • A good and optimized mobile experience. 
  • Proper title tags and meta descriptions. 
  • Image and video descriptions with keywords.

Google is known to change their SEO requirements frequently. That is why it is so important to employ a company, like Big Rock Marketing, who watches and changes with the industry.

Content Marketing

If you want to reach a lot of people and build your brand, you need to consider content marketing. Content marketing isn’t just writing any old content. It is the process of creating creative and compelling content for your clients. Not all content should be an advertisement. Customers want to see that you are helping them with a problem. 

With Big Rock Marketing the content you will receive will accomplish the following three things. 

  • Grabs the reader’s attention. 
  • Wows the reader. 
  • Helps the reader with a problem. 

All three of these features working in tandem create great content.

The location of the content we provide could be your website and/or a blog. Blogs are a traditional way for people to bring attention to their businesses without making customers feel like they are reading an ad. All of our content is also keyword-rich, which means that it is a good source of SEO and will, therefore, raise your rank in search results. 

No matter what your goals for your concrete contractor company, Big Rock Marketing has you covered. Let us help you reach your target audience online. We have the tools, expertise, and experience to take your small flooring business and make it a huge success. Contact us today to learn more. 

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