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5 Reasons You Need to Pay for a Website Audit

In today’s internet-driven world, it is essential to have a good web presence. Your website can make or break your brand. It is not enough to create a website and then leave it alone for years. SEO optimization, online marketing, and regular updates are essential for your web presence. Another important aspect of this process is the website audit.

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is a process that looks at a variety of factors. It will analyze your website’s performance, speed, and health. Through a website audit, you will get a clear picture of your website and its ability to reach customers.

There are many types of website audits. The two most common are the technical audit and SEO audit. Other, smaller audits include content audits, user experience (UX) audits, social media audits, competitor audits, and Google Analytics audit.

Let’s focus on the two most popular (SEO and technical) for a minute. An SEO audit analyzes the search optimization of your website. This is more than just discovering where your website falls in search ratings. SEO audits also include keyword analysis. Traffic behavior, metadata optimization, and more. A technical audit analyzes the technical foundation of your website. This includes ensuring the website meets all crawling and indexing requirements.

5 Reasons to Pay for a Website Audit

Now that you know what website audits are, here are five reasons why you need one.

1) They give you a lot of information.
Website audits provide a lot of information. What is working? What’s not working? Having all that data is a major plus. No matter your goals, you can meet them with the information provided in a website audit.

2) They alert you to algorithm changes and evolving webmaster guidelines.
Algorithm and webmaster guidelines are constantly changing. It can be hard to stay up-to-date with them in addition to everything else you have to do to run your business. Regular website audits will ensure that your website incorporates all important changes.

3) They find technical issues.
If you have pages down or links that do not work, a website audit will find them. Security issues are also brought to light during website audits. Knowing about these technical problems and fixing them will make your business seem more professional and encourage more customers.

4) They give you SEO information.
Yes, we mentioned all of the information that website audits provide in number one. However, the SEO data provided in a website audit is arguably the most important. Without SEO optimization, your website will not rank highly in search engine results. This decreases your visibility and potential customer pool. Additionally, optimized SEO increases your user experience. So you will end up with a better website because of it.

5) They help you catch website issues.
It is important to consider regular website audits. These can provide a way for a professional to review your site in detail.  Since they are looking at your entire site, they will have the opportunity to catch issues that you may not see.

All in all, website audits are crucial for your business. I recommend investing in one every three to six months.

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